About Us

Who We Are

Nuvolution LTD is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization advancing the work of nonprofit and social enterprise by connecting organizations to the resources they need to build a better world. Our goal is to help develop and support sustainable social enterprises that address and solve critical social problems within the cannabis community, while simultaneously empowering volunteers and activists through networking opportunities, educational initiatives and community engagement. By connecting a diverse range of skilled and committed activists with organizations and social enterprises at the progressive forefront, we are committed to advancing the health, wellness, enlightenment and sustainability of our industry, our communities and our world.

Our Mission:
Celebrating a Lifestyle Evolution Through Building a Community That Empowers Volunteerism, Education & Cultivating Leaders.

Business, Education, and Philanthropy

We work directly with cannabis-related businesses, social enterprise organizations and the public at large to grow and refine our industry, educate and support parents and families throughout our communities and make a significant and meaningful contribution to philanthropic efforts and social initiatives. Through community events, periodicals, workshops and intensives and other ongoing initiatives, we believe we can significantly advance health and wellness while educating and protecting our children and communities. Through this multi-faceted approach to progressive change, we hope to ultimately eliminate the legal barriers and societal stigmas attached to cannabis-based products, medicines, treatments and other solutions.

Our Values Define Us

Our organization and our mission is defined by our values, which include integrity, gratitude, diversity and human social responsibility. In addition to our mission and vision, our values dictate both who we are as an organization and what we do to educate, empower and grow our industry and community, and we strive to maintain our standing as an organization renowned within our community for its integrity, professionalism and altruism.
Your contributions to Nuvolution are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law.
EIN #81-5410212