Artist Application

  • Email to:

    Subject Line: Nuvolution Art Proposal: Last Name, First Name. Please submit applications as a single pdf file. (max 25MB)
  • Outline the concept of your mural / art proposal and how it relates to the values and vision of Nuvolution.
  • Briefly outline what materials you will be using and how you plan to execute the mural. Include any special equipment that will be needed.
  • Up to 3 images/sketches of proposed mural concept. Dimensions of wall space have not been confirmed yet, so sketches of a single concept adapted to different dimensions are highly encouraged.
  • Selection Criteria

    Selection criteria will be based on artistic creativity, previous experience, feasibility (technical requirements and cost), and how the concept relates to the thematic guidelines listed above. Nuvolution encourages diversity and welcomes applicants from all backgrounds. All applicants will receive a confirmation of received proposals. Selected participants will be notified by March 2019. Material fee will be compensated by Nuvolution, however Artists are responsible for any materials beyond the stipulated budget.