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From National Expungement Week (N.E.W.) volunteers to forming our own 501c3 nonprofit, Expunge Colorado

In 2018, Rosalie Flores brought the first National Expungement Week clinic to Denver, Colorado.

For the last two years, Rosalie, Abbey, and Melanie volunteered with N.E.W. to provide free legal record clearing services to Denver. The 2019 N.E.W. campaign brought joy and success in helping 40 Coloradans seal their criminal records.

It sparked the idea of creating a statewide entity that could focus on providing ongoing legal services in Colorado.

This goes beyond cannabis charges. The national impact of the Black Lives Matter movement has brought more light to the injustices that face black and brown communities.

As Expunge Colorado, we provide a sustainable, ongoing solution for record sealing efforts throughout the state.

Rosalie Flores

Rosalie Flores

Founder of Expunge Colorado

When Rosalie Flores entered the cannabis industry four years ago, she knew immediately that her work had to involve educating and empowering individuals harmed by the drug war. As the Colorado organizer for National Expungement Week (N.E.W.), Rosalie became very familiar with the barriers and injustices associated with having a criminal record. Compelled to address these issues, she now works towards advancing record-clearance efforts in multiple states throughout the U.S. She is currently the Director of Cannabis Equity for Sozo Companies where she is able to equip social equity hires with the tools needed to create meaningful change in the industry and beyond.

Abbey Moffitt,

Abbey Moffitt,

Legal Counsel Criminal Justice Lawyer, A. Moffitt Law

After graduating from law school from the University of Iowa, Abbey Moffitt Hruby moved to Colorado and began working as a public defender in Jefferson County. There, she witnessed the perpetual power of the justice system to never let go of those within its grasp, seen through probationary and pre-trial supervision, prosecutorial pressure to plead guilty, and the use of criminal histories to define a person’s value rather than their own story. After working in private practice for several years, Abbey started her own law practice, A. Moffitt Law, in 2019. She specializes in representing clients in misdemeanor and felony drug cases throughout Colorado. She volunteered as the lead criminal defense attorney for National Expungement Week in 2018 and 2019 and continues to serve as legal counsel and volunteer for Expunge Colorado. 

Melanie Rose Rodgers

Melanie Rose Rodgers

Director of Development / N.E.W. 2020 CO Organizer

Prior to working in the cannabis industry, Melanie Rose Rodgers held various roles in advertising, marketing and nonprofits. As Founder of Influential X, she inspires others to be a positive influence in their community. She leads by example by creating experiences, events and campaigns rooted in education, advocacy and social responsibility. As President of Safe Access Colorado, a cannabis patient advocacy nonprofit, Melanie has expanded medical cannabis access by helping pass Colorado legislative initiatives. She has a track record for creating change. Her passion is: community organizing, advocating for plant medicine and fungi, uplifting underserved communities and amplifying social causes and nonprofits.