non-profits & Social Enterprises

At Nuvolution LTD, we work directly with cannabis-related non-profits and social enterprise organizations who successfully address and solve critical social problems within the cannabis community. We can help you grow and refine our industry, educate and empower parents and families throughout our communities and sustain your philanthropic efforts and social initiatives. We achieve this goal by enabling volunteers and activists through networking opportunities, educational initiatives and community engagement. By connecting your organization with a diverse range of skilled, professional and committed activists and volunteers who are ready and willing to advance change within their neighborhoods and communities, we can all work together to improve overall health and wellness while building, strengthening and sustaining our industry and our communities at large.

Our Mission:
Celebrating a Lifestyle Evolution Through Building a Community That Empowers Volunteerism, Education & Cultivating Leaders.

We Recruit Volunteers with Specialties
in the Following Areas

This is not a complete list. If you have any questions regarding who we recruit, please contact us.



  • Administrative & Clerical
  • Executive Mentoring
  • Human Resources
  • Nonprofit Development
  • Strategy Development & Business Planning

Fundraising & Philanthropy

  • Finances
  • Grants (writing, template)
  • Generational & Planned Giving
  • Major Gifts
  • Membership strategy

Marketing, Branding & Communications

  • Advertising
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Market Research
  • Public Relations


  • Children & Family
  • Housing & Facilities
  • Language & Culture
  • Health & Medicine
  • Social Services


  • Cannabis Education
  • Data Analysis
  • Event Planning
  • Networking
  • Research


  • Database Administration
  • Information Technology
  • Mobile Application
  • Web Analytics
  • Website Creation & Maintenance

Our Process

Our process of matching volunteers with non-profits and social enterprises provides accountability, and hold both parties responsible for fulfilling their role with honesty, integrity and respect.

We help verifiable public charities, non-profits and social enterprises, including tax-exempt public charities and 501c3, 501c4, 501c5, and 501c6 organizations that align with our values, including integrity, gratitude, diversity, and human social responsibility.
We may ask to verify your NPO’s readiness, including reviewing your board and staff and the overall structure of your organization, including your readiness, resources and ability to sufficiently pursue your mission and goals.
Organizations seeking mentees or advertising roles that provide educational experiences must have a mentor, professor, or project lead in place to actively educate and supervise the mentee, who may be listed as a project participant.