Record Retention And Destruction Policy

Statement Of Policy

This policy covers all records and documents, regardless of physical form, contains guidelines for how long certain documents should be kept and how records should be destroyed. The policy is designed to ensure compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, to eliminate accidental or innocent destruction of records and to facilitate the operation of Nuvolution by promoting efficiency and freeing up valuable storage space.

Retention Schedule And Administration

Nuvolution’s Record Retention Schedule is set forth in Appendix A. The Director of Finance (“Administrator”) shall administer this Policy. The Administrator is also authorized to: make modifications to the Record Retention Schedule from time to time to ensure that it is in compliance with local, state and federal laws and includes the appropriate document and record categories for the Association; monitor local, state and federal laws affecting record retention; annually review the record retention and disposal program; and monitor compliance with this policy.

Electronic Documents And Records

Electronic documents will be retained as if they were paper documents. Therefore, any electronic files that fall into one of the document types in Appendix A will be maintained for the appropriate amount of time. If an employee has sufficient reason to keep an email message, the message should be printed in hard copy and kept in the appropriate file or moved to an “archive” computer file folder.

Suspension Of Record Disposal In The Event Of Litigation Or Claims

No director, officer, employee, volunteer or agent of Nuvolution shall destroy, dispose of, conceal, or alter any record or document while knowing that it is or may be relevant to an anticipated or ongoing investigation or legal proceeding conducted by or before a federal, state or local government agency, including tax and regulatory agencies, law enforcement agencies, and civil and criminal courts, or an anticipated or ongoing internal investigation, audit or review conducted by the Association.

During the occurrence of an anticipated or ongoing investigation or legal proceeding as set forth above, the Administrator shall suspend any further disposal of documents until such time as the Administrator, with the advice of counsel, determines otherwise. The Administrator shall take such steps as necessary to promptly inform all staff of any suspension in the further disposal of documents.