Affiliate Fundraising

Unique Opportunities and Discounts

Nuvolution is pleased to provide our community with affiliate links that offer unique opportunities and discounted rates on a variety of services and supplies.

Affiliate ​Fundraising is a type of performance-based marketing in which a merchant rewards an affiliate (Nuvolution in this case) for each customer that they bring to the merchant via their own marketing efforts.

So Nuvolution could sign up as an affiliate with a merchant that has an affiliate marketing program. From there, Nuvolution leverages social media, email, and even the website to promote the merchant and communicate that by purchasing products on the merchant’s website, a percentage of the sale will go directly to Nuvolution.

This type of fundraising makes people feel good about making purchases through the retailer as they know that some of the money will go back to Nuvolution to help support their mission.

Fundraising through affiliate marketing channels benefits merchants as well. They are directly reaching their target audience, driving sales, increasing brand awareness, and strengthening their brand. Cost-per-acquisition is also low for the retailer as they only pay the affiliate when someone makes a purchase.

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